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Fine Paper

Fine papers are the most refined and are more intensively processed to remove as much of the non-fibre components of the plant as possible. These papers are the palest in colour, typically a slightly off-cut tan or straw colour, they can be bleached on request to yield a strong white. Fibre length is carefully controlled to avoid the inclusion of any longer fibres, and likewise processing also seeks to eliminate the presence of leaf cuticles which add colour. The product is a paper with a subtle, beautiful background character that complements the work or imagery it carries.


Character Paper

Character paper has the rustic charm associated with artisan handmade paper. These papers showcase aspects of the original plant material and display a naturalness and non-industrial feel that contrasts the dull homogeneity of large scale machine produced papers.

With less intensive processing these papers offer an unusual and eye-catching canvas that becomes part of the finished work. Typically featuring long fibres, inclusions of leaf cuticle and more variation in colour tones.


Decorative Paper

We offer several types of Decorative Papers which are all eye catching and intriguing. These papers take character to a new level and some have bold colour inclusions, some are colourfully speckled, others are strongly fibre rich. 

These papers are intended to be eye-catching and bold. Ideal for craft projects, as gift wrap, and for other creative pursuits.

Paperscape stock papers come in standard dimensions from A2 to A6. We offer three different weights - card, paper and tissue.

Each sheet of paper is individually handmade and has a 'deckle edge' characteristic of handmade paper. Our A2 paper is dried on the mould, which means one side is smooth and the other side displays the fibre structure. Smaller sizes are pressed and smooth on both sides.


We've only listed a few examples of popular items here - please contact us to order and for prices of other items. All prices are in NZ$, including GST. Shipping costs are additional from NZ$ 10.

We also offer sample packs consisting of 5 sheets of A5 or A4 paper showcasing our different paper types, fibre plant sources and paper weights. This is a great starting point if you are unsure which type of paper would work best for your project.

Gifting & Stationary
Handmade paper products.JPG

Gifting & Stationery

We make a range of gift wrapping and stationery products from our decorative paper featuring various inclusions, colours and textures. We use dyed offcuts from flax weavers, cotton rags, flower petals and whatever else is at hand - no two batches are the same!

Pulp & Papermking supplies

Papermaking kits

Papermaking is an enjoyable craft that is fun for all ages. We offer kits so that anyone can learn and grow their passion at home. Kits contain a mould and deckle, pulp for character paper, and detailed instructions.



As we make all our papers and paper products from scratch, the scope for variations is endless. If you're looking for something not on our list, please get in touch, there's a good chance we can make it!

We've made papers in various colours and with all sorts of inclusions, ranging from cotton rags to flower petals and wild flower seed paper. We've made bags, passepartout photo frames, paper with watermarks....

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